Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hydration & Healing from Head to Toe

With the changing of the season among us, you might notice that your skin and hair could have taken a beating from the dry winter weather.  Many of us may not have been using a great product line to increase moisture to your hair and skin.  This can leave your skin feeling itchy and your hair deprived of moisture. 

When it comes to your skin you need to treat it with TLC, especially during the changing of the seasons.  Using skin care products that are meant to treat and heal your skin is very important.  Éminence says that there are four herbs that are great for healing your skin and body. 

·         Lavender – not only is lavender calming and soothing, but it has natural antiseptic properties to help with stimulating circulation to help with your body’s natural healing functions.

·         Chamomile – is another herb that can help calm and soothe your senses.  This herb also regenerative, soothing and repairing qualities for the skin.

·         Echinacea – this powerful herb has been known as a favorite for a cold and flu remedy.  This herb though has been shown to increase the immune system, reduce inflammation and provide antiviral benefits.

·         Rosemary – this nettle-like herb is a powerful healer.  It holds anti-inflammatory and natural astringent properties and can help with the aging process by eliminating free radical damage.

Getting a facial regularly and using a great skin care line at home is highly important.  Your skin has to repair from the cold and harsh winter weather.  Salon & Spa Fifth Avenue in Layton, Utah uses the best Éminence products.  Their trained professionals will help bring your dehydrated skin back to life.

Now when it comes to repairing your hair from the dry weather, increased moisture and added protein to your hair is just what your stylist has ordered.  Redken’s Extreme hair strengthening products are great for delivering repair to distressed hair.  This amazing product line brings protein to the core of the hair fiber.  Extreme repairs internal strength of the hair, while rebuilding surface protection the will prevent hair breakage. 

If you are having springtime frizzy hair issues, then the Redken’s Frizz Dismiss hair product line could be perfect for you.  With four levels of smoothing and humidity protection, while being a sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free cleansing system.  This revolutionary product line lets you choose the level of protection you need based on your hair type and humidity level.

When it comes down to it, you will want to visit a highly trained Redken stylist to help with your hair during this time of year.  Salon & Spa Fifth Avenue stylist are always up-to-date on the best products for your hair.

Vincent E. Penley, master stylist at Salon and Spa Fifth Avenue and platform artist for ColorProof Evolved Color Care has this to say about moisture depleted hair this time of year.

“During winter months hair becomes dehydrated, especially color treated and highlighted hair.  Static and fly aways are common signs of hair lacking moisture.  Late winter/early spring is especially stressful for hair because of the big changes in temperature from morning to afternoon and shifts from very dry to very moist days.  Thankfully ColorProof’s Super Rich moisture shampoo and Super Rich moisture condition will restore moisture, softness and shine to your hair.  For extremely dry or damaged hair try ColorProof’s Deep Quench moisture mask, available for you in salon deep treatments or as a take home product.”

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